13 Crucial Rental Car Tips For First Timers

We know a thing or two about rental car tips. Truth be told, there are not many things we hate doing, but renting a car is one of them. Since we travel full time it’s inevitable that we have to rent cars to explore destinations. We’ve rented cars all around the globe, so much so that it is too many to count.

If I had to guess I’d say over 40 rental cars across six continents and 30 countries. Every time we think about a rental car we moan and groan in anticipation of setting up another rental car booking.  However, after repeating the dreadful task a ton, we’ve developed some helpful tips and knowledge about renting cars.

Recently I had a chat with a friend and realized she had not rented a car before, at 29 years old. Oh, and it was her first time in a foreign country adding another level of stress. I realized what had become second nature to me, can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. This post is to share my favorite tips and tricks to renting a car for all of the novices out there.

Renting a Car in Medellin tips

You may check this website: http://milanocar.com/homeIt is a car rental broker.

Pay attention to the rental conditions for each vehicle. Some rental companies add up a 16% to the base price if not paid in cash.

What else should you know?

– Road conditions can be rather bad

– Road signals are not always clear

– GPS systems are not always very accurate.

– Expect a lot of mountain-like roads. Hilly, curvy, low visibility roads.

– Colombians have a pretty agressive way of driving, Basic rule = The bigger the higher priority.

– City driving can be hectic, especially because of taxi drivers and bus drivers who make stops about anywhere with no warning.

– Drink & drive is common as police forces don’t really enforce the laws.

– Police forces supposedly require an international driver permit together with your regular State driving licence. That said, it is poorly enforced. But you never know. Check with the American Automobile Association (AAA) or National Automobile Club (NAC) to get your International Driver Permit. Any other entities are basically scams. I just checked NAC, and the cost is USD 15 + handling/shipping (from USD 5 to 35).

Some rental agencies are really picky about the state of the car. Some will even try to charge you with pre-existing bumps and scratches. Make an extensive review of the car with the renting agency clerk before accepting the vehicle. Don’t fail to report any small scratch or bump.

Pay attention when renting as a lot of cars have manuel gear.

I think that’s it for the major warnings. In a nutshell, driving habits are pretty different than in the US, and you may find it stresful and dangerous.

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