October 2019

Health Insurance in Colombia

Colombia has one of the world’s best healthcare systems and health insurance is relatively inexpensive in Colombia in comparison to other countries. In this article we look at health insurance in Colombia and how to sign up with SURA health insurance in Colombia. In addition, Medellín is gaining a reputation as a top foreign retirement […]


How to Find a Good Lawyer or Attorney in Medellín?

To find a good lawyer in Medellin you should do your homework beforehand Here are my six tips to finding a good lawyer/attorney in Medellin: 1) Make sure they are a lawyer and licensed to practice in Colombia. This might sound really strange, but it is true that there are people who call themselves lawyers […]


Medellín has 8 of the Best Hospitals in Latin America

Colombia is starting to see an increase in medical tourism and eight of the hospitals in Medellín are ranked among the best in Latin America. Foreigners coming to Colombia for medical treatment in 2013 spent approximately $216 million, up from $134 million in 2012. Bogotá and Medellín are starting to appear on the global medical […]


Medical Treatment in Medellin

Medical, Chiropractor, Dental Treatment etc Need to See a Doctor? If you’re looking for a doctor in Medellin, you can visit the Emergency Dept. of any of the hospitals (“clinicas”) listed below. These clinicas all operate 24 hours, although services may be limited during the night. Many hospitals (including all those in our selection below) have […]


13 Crucial Rental Car Tips For First Timers

We know a thing or two about rental car tips. Truth be told, there are not many things we hate doing, but renting a car is one of them. Since we travel full time it’s inevitable that we have to rent cars to explore destinations. We’ve rented cars all around the globe, so much so […]


buying travel insurance

Every journey and every traveler is unique. Check before you buy. Travel insurance is not so simple. Does your group insurance or credit card offer travel coverage? Does it cover all your needs? Ask a travel agent, instead of one of the top ten insurance gaffes … 1. Why make sure? I am young and […]

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